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The age of Filipino E-commerce has arrived.

KabayanCentral.com brings secure online shopping to the homes of millions of Filipinos on Cyberspace.


With our secure server, digitally certified by Geotrust, powered by servers colocated in a hardened data center, we process and clear your transactions in the most secure way possible via Geotrust. We have taken every opportunity to give you the safest means to do your online shopping, so that wherever you are, you can still buy goods that are Proudly Made-in-the-Philippines!


What is KabayanCentral.com?

  • your online Filipino Specialty Store
  • showcasing books, music and video, Made in the Philippines.
  • check our recommended buys and see why we proudly call them KabayanCentral
  • browsing is free, and so is the fun!
  • shopping is cheap, shopping is private, shopping is secure!
  • online purchases are safe and guaranteed.

Buying Philippine goods at KabayanCentral.com is a cultural adventure. Enjoy the Filipino Specialty store as you shop, by visiting the numerous nooks and crannies of the site to learn amusing facets of Philippine culture and to inspect the numerous items for sale.

KabayanCentral.com is where you find the finest selection of Philippine books from the most respected names in the Philippine print industry.

KabayanCentral.com is where you find Original Pinoy Music online, from the sweet and serene to the wacky and tacky.

KabayanCentral.com is where you find the best Filipino movie titles available on the Internet.

KabayanCentral.com is the one-stop website where you can find products that we call Proudly Made in the Philippines.

KabayanCentral.com is the Internet domain owned and operated by Kabayan Central Net Works, Inc. which hosts this web site. KabayanCentral.com is NOT affiliated with any physical store with similar sounding names.


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